Dear Homeschoolers,

Are thinking about homeschooling? See the Ignitia 2017-2018 Curriculum Catalog General Courses and Electives. See the 43 Ignitia Career and Technical Education Courses. I have been using Ignitia for eight years with over 50 students. Many students find the online freedom to move at their own pace, to organize their own learning day or night, to set their own goals and to receive instant feedback invigorating and empowering. Ignitia offers all of that and more. Together with you as the teacher and with me as your backup only a text, an email or even a phone call away with support, suggestions from my 42 years of teaching over 4,000 students, and encouragement, we can bring the joy of learning to your homeschool student. Help your student take ownership of their learning.

What programs does our Homeschool Academy offer? 

  • Real time, local (Marco Island, Florida), on-site, in person, stop-in-and-learn support
  • Software and hardware advice and support
  • Curriculum advice
  • Most effective practices with a student in one-on-one sessions
  • Motivation techniques for you and your student
  • Ignitia's 203 grades 3-12 courses - See the Ignitia 2017-2018 Curriculum Catalog General Courses and Electives for course descriptions
  • Ignitia's 43 Career and Technical Edication (CTE) courses
  • Training to create custom Ignitia courses
  •  Marketplace Mission Classrooms, our own Moodle site, with custom course material and support
  • Writing support
  • Reading support
  • SAT Prep support and online materials 

For $475 (installment payment plans available) I will enroll your student in Ignitia courses for the 2017-2018 school year with you as the teacher, provide training, and send you weekly progress reports.  You will also receive access to my Moodle site Marketplace Mission Classrooms which offers topic libraries, supplemental courses such as Writing a Research Paper 101 and SAT Preparation and mirror Ignitia courses which include supplemental links and materials.

To view my Moodle site without having to register, go to

Click “Login” in the upper right. Click “Login as a guest.” Click on any of the unlocked course libraries: Writing a Research Paper 101 or SAT Preparation  Moodle Features Demo, Weaving, Bread Mission and Electronics 101.

Email me at or call or text me at 239-682-4291. Marketplace Mission Learning Center Homeschool Academy is available anywhere in the world with internet access.  Our brick-and-mortar full day One Room School is located in the United Church of Marco Island at 320 North Barfield Drive, Marco Island, Florida 34145. 

Thank you,

Henry Hill