Florida Home Education Requirements 

Collier County Public Schools in Florida posts the following requirements for enrolling your child in a Home Education Program:

  1. Notify the Superintendent of Schools in writing of your intent to establish a Florida Home Education Program.
  2. Direct the program for your child(ren).
  3. Maintain a portfolio of records and materials with the minimum content as specified in the Florida Statute. This portfolio must be available for inspection by the Superintendent upon a 15-day written notice. Each portfolio must be maintained for two years.
  4. Provide for a statutorily prescribed annual educational evaluation of each student and file a copy with the Superintendent of Schools.
  5. Submit a letter of termination upon completion of your home education program, enrollment in a public/private school, or when moving from the county.
  6. Notify the district of any changes of addresses, etc.

Homeschooling: Tips for Getting Started

Homeschooling: Tips for Getting Started

1.  Go to your state's education department web site and search homeschooling.  Search your local school district's home education program, and then talk to your local school district's homeschooling administrator. (Go to State Education Departments and Boards for links to every state's department of education)

2.  Decide on an approach. Talk to other homeschooling parents. Do your homework.

3.  Join local homeschooling groups and share. 

4.  Be patient. 

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